DFAT2014: The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

May is the month of Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT). Last May 18, 2014, I was invited by Ria Jose to join this tour which was held on the The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge, located at the Camella North Point, Bajada Davao City. The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge is situated on the right corner from the entrance of the North Point.
Upon arriving at the venue, the guard escorted me to the restaurant. A very friendly receptionist greeted me as I entered the luxurious restaurant. And there they are the Davao Bloggers in a long table. I arrived late so I sat on the side most part of the table. As I take a look into the place, I find it cozy and comfy. No wonder the other guests are having fun on the other table. This restaurant offers a variety of lush dishes and each dish was made with care and has a very detailed presentation. You can even take a look on how the chefs made each dishes through a mirror. This restaurant offers a fine dining which would let you taste the finest food available in the city.

It has a very cozy ambiance. As you see, the design uses some nationalistic materials which promotes the Filipino Pride. This restaurant offers a fine dining and has a very friendly staffs and approachable waiters.

Buta kakuni- pork belly braised in Buta Kakuni Sauce served with Bokchoy and Ginger
This Buta kakuni is basically a pork belly which has some sesame seeds as the toppings. Some delightful oils were added perk up the aroma of the meat. This delectable dish would make you crave for more.

Grilled U.S top blade served with Shiitake Mushroom Risotto, 
Roasted Tomato with Grilled Zuchinni, onion steak and red wine sauce 
This next dish received the highest votes as the dish of the night. From its taste, you could really say that the meat used is high quality. It is aromatic and half-cooked. Along with the wine, this dish would make your night. It is not oily, tastes fresh and deserves another bite. 

Unagi and Torchon of Foie Gras Box Sushi
Unagi and Torchon of Foie Gras Box Sushi. This is actually my first time to taste this kind of dish. You would need a chopstick if you wouldn’t want to ruin the presentation. The meat and the insides dissociate easily so you have to handle this scrumptious food with care. But this one is really great!

Pan Seared Smoked Chilean Sea Bass with Edamame 
and Sweet Potato mash in Lemon Butter Sauce
Pan Seared Smoked Chilean Sea Bass is one of my favorites because of the sweet-tasting potato which matched the main dish. It has a lemon butter sauce which makes the dish creamier and tastier. The presentation is also perfect.

This is just another meat dish in which you have to try. 

These main dishes are just some of the dishes that they offer. But the common denominator of their food is the way of presentation. Each dish is crafted with imagination and professionalism. 

Another part of their menu which I loved most is their desserts. 

Banoffee Tart
Banoffee Tart. Banoffee is a dessert which mainly banana and toffee. Toffee is a kind of confection made from caramelized sugar with butter. It comes along with a cream, which is not very sweet, that complements the engaging taste of the banana and toffee. The bananas are drifted in the syrupy caramelized mixture.

Puto Bumbong
This Filipino delicacy is served during Christmas season, traditionally. It is from steamed glutinous rice cooked in a bamboo. The purple color is from the sweet rice and black rice mixture. This comes along with sugar and freshly grated coconut.

This chocolate mousse is perfect if you adore creamy but not too sweet delights. This is my favorite dessert among them all. Bravo for the presentation.

Another delight which comes along with a creamy ice cream. The white thing above is actually the ice cream, though it melted. I love the combination of these three. Greatly complement each other.

So far, I've got no bad comments for this restaurant. They serve quality dishes and delicacy. The staffs and the waiters are very accomodating. There was this once when I placed my bag behind my back and haven't realized that it fell to the floor. The guard suddenly gave me a stool to where I can place my bag and I was very thankful to the kind guard. The place is perfect and also it's ambiance. Best for any occassion and whatsoever. It is just you really need a budget if you are planning to eat here. In order to enjoy their delicious food and quality service, you must have at least Php300 and above. I greatly recommend this place, it's worth your money. 

The Davao Bloggers. Photo Coutesy of Sarah Dayrit of

Buget: Php 300-500/person to avail their cheapest full meal. You need to budget at least 1,000 or above to enjoy their explicit meals.

VALUE: ★★☆☆☆ (For a student like me, it's a so-so)
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★★ ( Perfect for dating or even if you're with your friends. It's windy up there)
FOOD:★★☆ (Perfect food and also the presentation!)

Address: Camella Northpoint, JP Laurel AveDavao City, Davao Del Sur
Contact: (+63 82) 282-4540, (+63 915) 448-3601, (+63 917) 713-3153


  1. Looking forward to visit this place! It looks lovely and very inviting....

  2. Looks so yum!! Would love to eat there someday!


  3. I would love to try this one out when I visit Davao ulit. I miss Davao. I wasn't able to explore much but I vowed to come back :)


  4. Yay! the foods looks inviting. This makes me miss Davao, av been there once but haven't tried such a luxurious looking cuisine because we had a food blast to every house we visited there. I wish next time i could make a fancy dine to the white house too. :)

  5. the food seems yummy. Pwede bang mag-join sa Davao Bloggers, food tripper kasi ako.

    1. yeah pwedeng pwede po. Search niyo lang po yung "Davao Bloggers" sa Facebook. :)

  6. Truly a fine dining. I love all the presentation!

  7. Yummy! I bet those food you shared here taste delightful and they look mouth watering. My stomach is really growling now :-)

  8. I'm drooling over the Pan-Seared Smoked Chilean Sea Bass and the Puto Bumbong. They look delish!

  9. Oh, all the food you featured here are mouth-watering! I am really impressed with the presentation of every entree and meals. It's like dining in a luxurious restaurant.

  10. I love the steaks from The White House! Chef Cathy certainly knows how to bring the best dishes and desserts to Dabawenyas :)

  11. Weeee, we dined together here :) I love everything about the White House especially the owner Cathy, she's so hands on and very down to earth despite her status. I want to come back here.

  12. Wow! Worth-it lahat to kahit na masira ang diet! :)

  13. Are those sushi rolls? I don't like sushi but those surely look very appetizing :D


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