#DBSparty2014 : Davao Bloggers Acquiantance Party

It was the second week of April when I’ve read a post in the Davao Bloggers page that there will be an incoming acquaintance party on April 12, 2014 at the Bucket Shrimps. I was excited because I was planning to be an official member to this respected organization. I am unofficial member for almost a month now. I looked at the poster and was astonished for the reason that they have lots of sponsors namely Smart Communications, Inc., Cebu Pacific Air, Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp, Tune Hotels, Banana Beach, Bucket Shrimps Davao, Krispy Kreme and My Skin Essentials, Phils. There were loads of surprises and raffles that was given away on the event. 

I joined their activities and realized that this organization fits me. I had been blogging since 2009 and I change my URL a number of times. I started at Blogspot then moved to Tumblr and Wordpress. Since then, I have not met any bloggers in the real life. I thought I was the only one who has passion in blogging. Then 2014 came. I was frustrated to meet new people who have the same passion. I searched and searched until I found the page of the Davao Bloggers. I joined at February, 2014 and luckily, my request was accepted. 

I was thrilled as I will then be an official member of this renowned organization. Since I looked forward for the acquaintance party, I arrived at the place at 5:00p.m. And the starting time will be at 6p.m. With so much eagerness in me, I arrived an hour before the party! I waited patiently beside the Bucket Shrimps until I met Princess or Cess. She is my closest friend in this association. She also brought with her daughter with her. After, other bloggers keep on arriving. There are bloggers whom I met before and some new faces. I want to meet them all! Opportunely, Cess helped me out. She introduced me to the current members and to the officers. They are so welcoming, friendly and kind. They always try to reach out. 

There were great prices from the sponsors. Some of the big prices include roundtrip ticket to DVO-MNL-DVO c/o Cebu Pacific Air, overnight accommodation for 2 at Banana Beach Resort and overnight accommodation for 2 at any Tune Hotels in the PHL. Congratulations to the winners!

Here are some of the snapshots of the event.

Davao Bloggers never failed to give me new and exciting experiences. The events are diverse from each other while promoting new discoveries that is fair to be blogged. It has made me develop my self esteem especially in socialization. I look forward for more events and new members to come.

The Davao Bloggers Family(photo courtesy by iamthecoffeechick)

I would like to thank for the people who made this event possible and for the following sponsors who are very generous and supportive:
Krispy Kreme

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  1. Ang cool naman as in! I also want to meet bloggers! I've been blogging since I was in 2nd year highschool and now Graduate na ako pero ni isang blogger ala pa ako nakikita!

    wesome ng prizes!! Bigtime ang sponsors!! Mukang enjoy na enjoy kayo.. huhu kainggit lol

    1. Awesome talaga ang makameet ng mga bloggers lalo na pag "bigtime bloggers" lol. Itry mo may search sa internet ng mga blogger groups. Actually, sinearch ko lang dati ang Davao Bloggers tapos nashock na lang ako na meron pala. :) Don't lose hope. Meron yan! :)


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