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Hi readers! How have you been? Lately, I’ve been addicted to tea. It tastes natural and oh so yummy since it has no artificial ingredient. Every morning, I got confused whether to drink tea or milk. I am confused because both of them are my favorites. Later on, I realized that the combination of both would result to a good outcome! *Drum rolls* and milktea was born! The best part with milktea is the natural aroma of the tea is combined with the sweet taste of milk. 

In Davao, Philippines, lots of café offer different kinds of milktea and if you happen to be here, then I recommend you to visit Alleycat Tea House. They offer milktea, cookies, and many other. The best part with this café is that it has a sort of mini library on the second floor where you can chill and relax with your friends while drinking the delicious milk tea. If you are with you friends then you can avail their cards, snakes and ladders and other board games on the second floor. They also have colorful pens in which free to use if you want to draw something.

These paintings can be found at the front of the Alley Cat. I love the style because  simple, cute and adorable. 

The graphic design on the left side of the door.

Random doodles o the right side of the door.

I have been here a lot of times and I love their service. The employees’ are very approachable and has a smiling face. For me, it’s a plus points. Below are some of our captured moments together.

(Left to Right) Maylen, Kath, Me and Kaye (my sister)

Featuring my friend Maila Vernadero and Milk Tea

The view from below, near the counter.

At the counter.

View at the counter.

They also provide some doodling materials such as pens.

A stolen shot of me.

My sister and her bestfriend.

ADDRESS: Door#07 The Site, Davao Central Convenience Store, Inc., E. Jacinto Ext. Street Cor. V Mapa Street, 8000 Davao City

Buget: Php 80-90 to avail their cheapest milk tea. Each milk tea has a free cookie.

VALUE: ★★★☆☆
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★☆ (The ambiance is perfect for studying since they also provede some doodling materials, they have a little library on the second floor where you can stay with your friends for hours)
SERVICE: (Very accommodating)
FOOD:★★☆ ( Just to say, their milk tea is very addictive!)


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  1. Wowowow. The place is so nice.I want to go to here someday as well. ♥♥♥
    It is in Davao ayt? So nice. Milk tea is really love. <3


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