Food Trip: Krua Thai (Banana Grill) in Davao

Hi once again. Today, I'm going to review Krua Thai restaurant (Banna Grill). This restaurant can be found at Metrolifestyle Complex F. Torres St. Cor E.Jacinto Ext., Davao City, 8000 Davao City. This is the only Thai restaurant here in Davao. It has a PayDay in which the dinner buffet will be at Php299.00. It really worth it! Anyway, when I entered the restaurant for the first time, the ambiance is welcoming, a Thai ambiance indeed. They have a very good customer service since they will accommodate you once you're in.

A thai cuisine usually consists of different flavors such as spicy, sour and sweet. I have also noticed that they love cashew nuts. They have cashes nuts in they rice and even at their viand. They also have this lemon grass juice. At first, I though it's just a normal drink. But at the first gulp, I was amazed with its after taste. It has a relaxing effect.

Please do click the image for a better resolution. 

This is so cute and I can't help myself to capture it.
I even love the way their spoon and forks are personalized.

Here goes their menu, you can take a peek.
I love their wall decorations. It is as if I traveled through time.
Another sneek peek in their menu.
This is actually a spicy hot sauce for the green mangoes.. Hmmm.
This is minced fish and crunchy. 
Left: a vegetable dish with bagoong (I tell you, this is quite spicy)
Right: A thai version of pasta, it's one of my favorites.
Fresh unripe mangoes with a chilly dip.
Left: Thai version of Kinilaw (I think?) It contains prawn
Right: Thai Spring rolls. I was amazed because when I opened it, it contains rice noodles (tagalog: Bihon). It's weird but the taste is very appealing. 
This is their fried rice version. It consists of cashew nuts, stringed beans and fresh pineapple. At first, I thought it's weird because the ingredients are weird, but surprisingly, these balanced everything. This is  a full packaging and I could just eat this without a viand!
Another hot and spicy sauce for the rolls.
Another dip for the unripe mangoes.
Very creative :)
I adore these paintings and wall decorations so much. They are very intricate and classy.

Comments: I love everything about this restaurant. Basically, I have no bad comments since everything is worth it! I recommend this!

Buget: Php 200-300 for their cheapest full meal.

VALUE: ★★★☆☆
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★☆ (Perfect for business meetings or dates. )

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