Dampa Davao Food Tasting

Last week, Dampa Davao invited the Davao Bloggers to a food tasting event. It is near the Bangko Central ng Pilipinas. The ambiance is very welcoming. Dampa (in Philippines) means a hut or "more of a nipa hut, to be exact". This restaurant promotes Filipino ambiance to its customers. The design on its front looks like there is a fiesta (or feast) that is happening there. It has also parking area on its front that is reserved for its costumers.

According to the waiter who was serving us, this Dampa Davao Tiongko Avenue branch opened somewhere in December 10, 2014 and here it is. The picture below is what it looks like on its front.

They offer lechong manok in which I have forgotten to look for the price but it really tastes good. I love its aroma and its mouth-watering smell.

This is adobong pusit and it is one of my favorites among them all. It is a must try dish. I am not a fan of squids but I became addicted to it after I had tried this one. I think this is their specialty because this is the best food that I've tasted in this restaurant.

This is known as Chicharon Tilapia. This fried fish with pork cracklings looks yummy and delicious. It is also a must try if you visit this restaurant.

This one is known as Impao Soup.

 This is the Lato Salad.

This one above is the Sinigang na Maya-Maya

If you are a vegetarian yourself or not a fan of meat, then try their vegetable dish. It is cooked with fish and has a medium hot sauce.

This shrimp dish with sauce is also a must try since I am not a shrimp fan myself but I had appreciated this dish. It is delicious that you would crave for more after tasting it.

This is also another shrimp dish and presented while it is still sizzling hot. I love how they present this because it will make you hungrier and would crave for it!

The ambiance is very welcoming as if you are just eating in your house but in this case it is Dampa or a hut.

If you are to visit Davao City, Philippines then visit Davao Dampa! You'll surely never regret it!

Buget: Php 200 to avail their cheapest full meal. Some orders are good for 2-3 persons so I suggest to bring your friends with you.

VALUE: ★★★☆☆
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★☆ ( A Dampa House)
FOOD:★★☆ ( I love the Shrimp dish. )

Address: Tiongko Avenu corner Arellano Street Davao City
Phone: (082) 305 3269


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