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Welcome to "Cake Gallerie"
Address (in case you want to visit it): 1st Ave. Tulip Drive, Juna subd., Matina, 8000 Davao City, Philippines

These days, coffee shops are too mainstream. How about trying Cake shops? When you visit Davao there are a lot of coffee shops anywhere and worth a try. It happened to be I had visited this Cake Gallerie whose products are very yummy in an affordable price! It is a business from Davao which is home-based.

Last week, we visited Cake Gallerie. It is found in Matina, Davao City. I didn't expect it to be this perfect. It is a shop that was built in front of the owner's house. The ambiance is perfect for studying since the background music is really nice and isn't disturbing. The prices are really affordable. The chocolate mousse cake that I bought is more or less Php 58.00 while the Red Velvet cake is worth Php 68.00. Believe me, once you'll take a bite with this puffy creamy and coated with love cakes, you'd forgot your name for a second! This is perfect for family and friends bonding or you can also eat here alone. I'll recommend this to everyone.

This is what it looks like at the front. The ambiance from the outside seemed to be western. We had also talked to the very kind owner. She revealed that she was the one who cooked these delicious delights. She is a Culinary Arts graduate herself, too bad we didn't have a picture with her.

At the corner, there is a wooden divider which contains all the photos of the happy customers who were once been there. They also have this guest book wherein they let to let their customers to sign it up.

So, basically, if you would visit Davao, find time to visit this place, I got a map from their facebook page so there it is.

Buget: Php 50-80 to avail a slice cakes. The prices of the cakes varies depending on the flavor. They also sell some cupcakes prices ranges from Php 30-50. They also sell milk tea just in case.

VALUE: ★★★★★ (I can really say that their cakes are cheap it's a quality cake)
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★☆ (Well, you have to walk from a few meters from the road but it's not far, I love their environment, it's silent (because we visited the shop at 3pm) and cozy.)
SERVICE: (They have a fast service and very friendly staffs)
FOOD:★★★ (I want to try all of their cakes! I recommend it to everyone!)

This is one of my favorite cake shops in Davao City. Visit their facebook page here.


  1. Red velvet & choco mousse cake! Those are delicious cakes. Very nice cake stores there in Davao huh! :D
    Kaibril's Sweet Life

  2. I know right? Those cakes tastes like heaven! Plus the ambiance is very welcoming and relaxing! This place is best for friends' hangout who would prefer sitting in a cozy place while eating some heavenly cakes.

  3. Red velvet and chocolate most cake are my favorites!


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