Hot issue: Teenage moms

Hot issue: Teenage moms
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Recently, I had been reading posts about teenage mother and pregnancies. I have been really curious how other races races react to this topic. I have been searching through the internet and have been reading posts, articles and even watched videos regarding this. I have also watched some clips from some videos made by teenagers who are pregnant. I don't know what with their side and forgive me if I sound biased but "what the hell are they doing?". I have read articles about "I am fourteen/fifteen (mostly below 18) and I want to get pregnant", or, "I'm sixteen/seventeen(or lower) and I'm pregnant". I was so shocked. I can't believe teenagers nowadays who are younger than me have ever thought of having a child themselves. Some have a fiancee already. Oh gosh, what's happening there?

I don't know what the hell is happening out there but they are too young for those stuffs. They are still children themselves and still need the love and support from their parents. I can't believe that teenagers nowadays, at the age of thirteen, are already sexually active and uses condoms, pills and etc. They kept on telling how love changed their life but hell, it's lust. How can a thirteen year old know what love is? They are still babies. When I was at their age, I had never ever thought of having a boyfriend myself. Never ever thought of kissing and having sex now (I'm 18). I never had a boyfriend but my life is perfect. Is that just because of the culture? They are so aggressive and they make love at a very young age. I can't imagine that they do drugs, smoking and weird parties.

I am raised in a conservative way. We believe that a woman must be pure and virgin before marrying. We believe that marriage first before sex. Studies first, before everything else. I never had a boyfriend, never been kissed nor touched. I don't believe in order to strengthen relationship, sex must included in the list. I don't get their point. What is the reason why teenagers nowadays, at a very young age, has the urge to have their own child and raise a family.  Aren't their parents guiding them?

How about you? What can you say about this topic?
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