A birthday celebration for me?

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Up-coming events: 18th birthday : a day after next.
 Hellow summer classes
Im turning 18!

Oh dear! Things happened unexpectedly. It was not in the plan to celebrate my 18 birthday, you know for financial reasons. First of all, it is not economic to handle and have parties. The costs are not a joke! But God has created something miraculously, suddenly, he made my birthday possible. What I am expecting is just a normal night with my family, but turned out that I'll be having my 18 roses and 18 treasures. I still can't believe but somehow the celebration is mini and simple. I had invited my college batch mates and my high school friends. Oh well, I don't want to expect for something because I always get disappointed. But I'm thankful to my friends who helped me organize this event.

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  1. hey girl just got back from the dead. :) Anyway, belated happy birthday! :)


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