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Hi dearest readers! The picture above is a hallway in my school, University of the Philippines, Mindanao. I love this place best because the wind is so fresh and very calming. I want to introduce you my school but unfortunately I wont be doing that in this post but I'll be doing that very soon.

I don't know if it time to get out of my shell and have fun. Actually its the beginning of our semestral break. Supposed to be, as a student, I should be happy, you know those simple things that can make a busy college student happy. However, I am not finished with my grades. I mean my teacher will be going to send a list of students who will be taking removal exam.. If I am lucky enough to take the removals, I would be very very grateful. We had just our removals in Math a while ago and it's not so good. I tried my best.  I woke up very early in the morning but still it is not enough! The coverage is not for one-night-review. But I were so busy this past few days because it's our finals and I also have to study other subjects. Unfortunately, I am not quite confident with my answers. I am not confident with my stupid solutions that I didn't how I got those, in which I am quite sure that those were fairly incorrect. You know, I was taking my removals in Math and I was so nervous that my hands are shaking. It was hard for me to read the questions, internalize, remember and then answer.The feet and hands are sweating and my feet were as cold as an ice. I can't concentrate that much! That was such a horrible feeling! I don't know how am I going to begin this exam. I was wondering how my classmates answer these problems that were so tough! These are a lot worse that our final exams. I was so disappointed with myself knowing that I haven't included studying those important things that came out in our exams. I was so annoyed with myself. How am I gonna deal with this if I am going to fail this? What are the consequences? First, I can't take those prerequisite subjects. Second, my schedule will be full of minor subjects.

Anyway and hey, this is our classroom in Crop Science 10 and in MCB 180. Happily, it;s going to be renovated! That is awesome right? Because it has a big hole at the back part that is why late comers can still come in inside the classroom and could still signed in the attendance sheet (and I'm one of those late comer who still goes inside even though it's been 30 minutes). Oh well,I don't know if I'm going to be a irregular student next sem because I might fail Math and Physics. Oh my, Math is really annoying. Actually, I can manage to understand the lessons but I can't find time to study. I mean I don't have enough time to study because in UP, everyday is always an examination day. Oh my. Sometimes I want to give up but hey I found a post in Facebook and it's inspiring and here's how it goes:

Never think that you don't deserve to be here. Only those who doesn't deserve to be here are those who doesn't understand what it means to be in UP.

Being in UP means having to become extraordinary... And by extraordinary, we mean not having a GWA of 1. We do not mean perfecting your exams... By extraordinary, we mean, never giving up.

There will come a time that there will be walls against you and your dreams... Climb on it! Dig underneath it! Walk around it! Push through it!

Lastly, I know in a few years, you will forget to solve for parabolas or functions... But I will be proud as a teacher... When you walk out from this class at least you have learned to have courage, persistence, and strength to never giving up and keep fighting.

Grades are just numbers.

If it is worth dreaming of, then it is worth fighting for, and when it is worth fighting for, it is worth suffering through.

I found this very very interesting. Isn't? How about you readers? How's your studies? :)
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