Fun Under The Sun!

Fun Under The Sun!
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 First time? ISLAND HOPPING.
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Hi friends! Sorry for updating late. But anyway, last August 25-27,2012,we had our field trip somewhere in Agusan and Surigao. And that was OH MY GOD! Anyway, this is the DAY 02. We went to Caraga Region (Agusan) and Surigao. And to tell you, that was the most amazing moment that had ever happened to my life. Day 1 wasn't that enjoyable because we didn't visited any resort so here it goes. 

DAY 2:
I forgot the name of this island but if you can reach this place by travelling through boat from the Enchanted River. Since I appreciate the real colors of the picture, I didn't took a time to alter it. I love pictures more when they are in their natural state.

Oh my upon departure. I was way too excited because this is my FIRST ISLAND HOPPING EVER! This is definitely first time in my entire life and I was so speechless upon seeing the wonders of this place.

The sand was so fine and the water was so clear.

This rock is so nice isn't? It has complemented the white sand.

I guess this is my only picture since I was way too excited and too happy that I jumped in water and splashed it. I didn't had time to go for pictures because the view was very amazing. The water so clear and clean, the wind was so cool and fresh even though the sun was too hot.

DAY 03:
This resort is called Spacebar. The beach was really awesome and you would even forget your name upon seeing the very fine white sand. That looooongggg things there is a big slide. I wished I have tried it before departure.

Let's do some jump shot guys! Oh hey, from the right, that is Jaime, Chara, Victoria, me and Angela. It's really MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! 

Oh my gossh. The wind is really very refreshing. I love jumping round and round because I can't believe that I'm there. I am really very ignorant but then I was really happy and very fulfilled.

Oh my, this is really amazing! I really love this. I am really very proud of this picture because it reminds me of this very awesome place!


Oh my they look so nice isn't?

Oh my at the end, I realized that Philippines is such a rich country. I never thought I could ever find places like those in the Philippines. Upon being there, all I can say is a big WOW. The place was so enchanted and amazing. You would be dramatically and unintentionally be in love with nature.You would realize that the best things in life is not money... but it's all about happiness and nature. 

Going to field trip like this is very rewarding because I guess, I had enjoyed it a lot because I am with my fellow classmates and friends. You know, it's a different feeling when you are with your family and when you are with your friends. As a typical teenage, you are more free to do anything you like when you are with your friends because you have the same brain waves and most likely, you are the same likes and dislikes. And amazingly, since I am not a swimmer, I was so happy to announced that I finally floated in the water for the first time! This sound really crazy but hell, I'm happy about it! That was the most amazing thing that every happened to me! Best experience ever! 
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