The Maguindanao Road Crime Scene Story.

The Maguindanao Road Crime Scene Story.
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Yesterday while Im on my way to school. I have seen this taxi that was nearby and was struck into a tree. The driver of the motorcycle told me that someone killed the driver and he was a victim of a hold-up. I was afraid because he was killed with the use of a gun. My upperclassmen told us that he was killed 7pm that night. They were at the nearby house and somebody called their attention and told them that somebody has been killed and they must called 911. After calling 911, my upper class gave the phone to that person but he refused to. And maybe just maybe, he was one of the suspects because he didn't even look like he's afraid or what, he's acting so weird and normal. And why would he refuse to talk to the police? If he isn't really the suspect why would he go right after? Isn't weird? It was also raining that night. It's really creepy to pass to that road but we've got no choice. 

The story behind it...
It was been said that the taxi driver has a customer from the SM Mall and he is heading to UP Mintal, to be specific, near our campus and would pass through the Maguindanao road. That was August 10,2012 and it was raining. It was also been said that he was first hold-up and then killed with the use of gun. The taxi was found near the "Rubber Seedling for sale"post. The fact that the guards didn't saw them because they entered the other street where there are no guards. So this might really be planned. There are some children who said that they've witnessed the crime. They said that there are lot's of them. They followed the car and killed the driver.  And up to now, the suspect hasn't found yet.

It's really creepy and very very ... That road has been an abortion road. Lives has been lost. Is it a curse to that road or what? We're really very afraid. So much.
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