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 THIS POST? This post is all about Yiruma as I tried to compare his songs to lullabies.

Firework by Katy Perry, the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and Dj Got Us Falling in Love Again by Usher, are just some of the popular songs that are played almost several times a day in the radios. Who would not love songs like those? These songs will just make you dance and fix your mood for the day. This is why most teenagers prefer songs with genres like this. In contrast to this, I have a different taste of music. I adore acoustic and mellow songs such as the Kiss the rain by Yiruma. It entices my ears in a different way making me to love his songs even more. His songs give me peace of mind unlike rock music.

His songs seem to be lullaby. I love his compositions because I can imagine myself like a child listening to some sweet lullabies that brings back the memories of playing with her playmates in a sunny afternoon. I enjoy his songs like a child. Lullabies are the first love of the children. Lullabies will make them rest peacefully after a long day of fun and adventure. Lullabies will make them forget the feeling of losing a game.

Lullabies give them comfort like no other. As known in the society, when a baby cries, the mother would immediately hum a lullaby. Babies cannot understand words rather, would the songs were sung and this is what Yiruma has accomplished. The soft and rhythmic tune brings them a sense of calmness and security as they are cuddled. It is also very powerful because it can heal unwanted feelings. You cannot notice how it changes your mood.

His songs are very attractive and sentimental, like a how much a child treasures a lullaby. It would mean so much for the child especially when he grows up since it will remind him of every childhood memories. Lullabies became a part of his life. This is why older people never get tired of singing lullabies. They are always popular, unlike the new songs that are released nowadays. Even though it is not often played in the radios as much as the new and popular songs, it will never lost its popularity because lullabies will stay on the hearts of the people whom it has touched. Same as his songs, it never gets so popular to the point like the other new and popular songs, but it never gets old. New songs get popular but after a short period of time, they are forgotten.

Lullabies are very meaningful, like his songs. Sometimes, a short excerpt from his music, like a short lullaby, can give you more and lots of images than to those rock songs. Lullabies may mean your childhood or the past you have been through. Listening to a lullaby may help you remember how your mother used to sing it to you and how your mother used to soothe you when you feel very bad and that you will realize how much she love you. In times of trouble, lullabies may not solve your problems, but will give you strength to face them. For it can bring you to a simpler world, away from your worries and depressions. And at the end, you will realize that even though how complicated the world is, you will never be alone. For you can reflect lots of things even by just listening to his music.

Lullabies, like his sentimental masterpiece, can connect with your thoughts even without the use of words. Sometimes it is easier to hum to express your feelings because sometimes, there are no words to describe how you feel. This is why he is much known for his instrumental songs.

His masterpiece such as the Kiss the Rain and also the Bella’s lullaby, also seen in the movie, is so fantastic. Lullabies can help you fall asleep, in his case; his songs will help you fall in love with his piano. His songs reflect the unspoken words and amazingly, people of different age will love the way he plays his piano, professionally and passionately.

-As seen in my AH1 project under the Analogy. In case you don't know, I'm a big fan of Yiruma. :)

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  1. Yikimura? Hmmm.. U made him so interesting. I only listen to korean song when once i was a jpop lover before. But m still into manga. Dts oredi good to know. Hehe


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