New layout for february. How are you fellas? I keep on changing layouts recently that it took me until 1 am. I know that I'm abusing my eyes that's why I'm suffering all the consequences. My left eye's vision is blurring and I have to wear glasses. I think I'm gonna wear them forever! I wanna die! I dont want those things. :( Anyway, I just had my exams  last week and I think my grades are a lot better because I've studied in advance! hahaha. Then, I'm quite excited for next week. It's our field trip! And we are heading to Cagayan. We are actually gonna visit the slaughter house. How does that stuff sound?

About the layout:
The base codes are really amazing. It's plain and very adorable because it is very neat and fixed. But then I realized its too plain so I added some colors and some backgrounds. I realized that colors and the background must be connected to each other and so this is the final product.

The background also makes me feel so good and light. I am glad that it matches everything. I've also edited my about me. Even though I'm struggling and trying to survive in UP, I'm still proud that I passed it and I was given an opportunity to study here. Anyway I almost always fail in most of my exams but I have to get moving. 


  1. w0w new layie here...
    w0w it's s0 nice...
    h0pe y0u can rest and y0u're eyes is still 0k after y0u putted this layie. anyways nice w0rk sis :)

  2. D background is simple yet nice to see. And i bet dt girl drawing is drawn by u? Its superbly beautiful ^^ I like it!

  3. It's good to know you passed your exams, congrats! And study hard, not all are given the opportunity to study in UP, good luck! :)


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