The Sixth day, which was directed by Roger Spottiswoode, has a very intriguing theme which is cloning. In the movie, although cloning in animals is widespread, it is still illegal to clone a human. To do so is to commit a violation called "Sixth Day Violation". The arguments against cloning cover the spectrum from religious to philosophical to scientific. Lots of questions may arise, such as, are they human? Do they have souls? In the movie, when they clone a human, every part of that person is preserved; even the memory is also preserved. When the person dies and cloned, it is just as in that person has just got a new body since the memories are still there. 

There are lots of benefits if human cloning is allowed, lots of diseases may be cured. Diseases like cancer, liver failure, kidney failure, leukemia, cystic fibrosis and defective genes may be treated faster. This may also provide organs for transplantation and a solution to infertility. Human life span may be prolonged and this may also lead to immortality. Through this kind of technology, we can clone the famous people that have become very popular and lead the world or those prominent people such as Bruce Lee and Albert Einstein. 

Although it has some good effects, it is still not widely accepted in our society. In the perception of other people and of the church is that they are as if playing God. Life and death is natural in every way. And although the idea of a clone sounds pretty attractive, no one knows how the clone will behave and will he/she develop similar personalities like its master clone. With this kind of technology, we may also losing the diversity of genes human cloning is just copying the identical genes, which means it will decrease the diversity of genes. Furthermore, the beauty of humanity lies in the differences we see in each other. Cloning would eliminate surprise and predict expectancy. And most of all, the uncertainty of science technology may lead to unexpected results. 

Cloning technology is such a great way to improve the lives of the people and of the community but still it is not yet approved by the society and is not accepted throughout the world. More research and studies may be done in the future. But as for now, people should be content of what they have and what they are.


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