University of the Philippines, Mindanao (UPmin)

University of the Philippines, Mindanao (UPmin)

          And I am totally here. My computer had a wonderful vacation to the computer technician for almost a month! I thought I were to die spending everyday without my computer. Oh my beloved computer! Anyways, I found this site nowhere, and I think you guys going to love it. CLICK HERE. Everything is great except that next week will be my FIRST DAY IN COLLEGE. How can I overcome this fact? My friends are very very far from me. Okay now, how am I going to live without them? Speaking of my school, I would like to introduce it to you.

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          And so, I would like to introduce you to my new school. I haven't had taken a picture the whole campus but I'll promise to take some picture for the first months of my studying there. So this is the University of the Philippines, Mindanao. And I am going to take food technology there. How does that sounds? I'm not yet ready for college. I am not yet ready for the challenges that awaits for me there. But life is full of challenges. I am not a bright student, I am not a consistent honor student, that is why studying in UPmin is such a big big responsibility. This is a big opportunity for me since I never expected to be a student of Upmin. At the first day of our orientation held last May 5-6, 2011. And that was the first time I first saw my batch mates. and my first impressions are, they are kinda boastful but wise. I don't know how to be friends with them. And what I expect is that my college years will be full of problems and worries. Problems about my lessons and worrying about my grades.

           I'm going to miss my high school life. I will miss everything about my memories. I cant ever forget how we used to eat with my besties every lunch and recess. I'll going to miss my teachers who keep on giving us second chances in our projects. I'll going to miss getting a late slip. I'll going to miss every time I copy my classmates' homeworks. I'll miss our noises. I'll miss every song we sang when our teacher isn't around. I'll miss those practices that we always took for granted and though the finished product isn't that perfect at least, we were contented. I'll going to miss every time we walk from school to the mall. Since the mall from our school is just a few steps. I'll just going to miss everything.

           I am used to be with my bestfriends and friends all the time. Now that they are all gone, HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE? HOW AM I GOING TO ACCEPT THE REALITY THAT WE CAN'T BE FOREVER? Easy problem for some, but terrible for me.  what a life!
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