And I'm just so glad because she received my letter a while ago and her cousin told me that I was good at poems. hahaha. Is this for real? I really don't know what my talen is and maybe writing poems is my talent. Oh my. Is this for real? My voice don't sound that good, really. But I think, I can write poems. Maybe I can write some poems and write it in here. Anyway it's here, my poem I made for her.

If I'll see you again
By: Alyssa

If I'll see you again,
Then I'll bring you a hen,
That was your favorite,
With some peanuts to eat.

I'll reach your hand to hold,
With my bare hands so cold.
"I miss you dear Aprille",
Wondering if this is real..

We'll travel back the past
That has gone very fast
Those moments we wander
In skies and we wonder

We'll reminisce those times
When the song we sang rhymes
Singing like an addict
"It will rain", we predict

Trying to remember,
Sportsfest in November,
Graduation in April,
We had much fun and thrill.

Then I'll tell you something,
Covers up everything,
No matter if you're far,
We'll still love who you are.

With some peanuts to eat,
That was your favorite,
Then I'll be you a hen,
If I'll see you again.


  1. Once I tried to write a poem and for once it been displayed on the wall. I can never be satisfied for something I wrote back then. Not poetic enough I think. But u have a very good poem. Envyyyy

  2. Best Xmas Gift ko gud talga un! Thank u very much lys! :D tapos naxcited dn pati ang mga cousins ko sa pagdating neto. hahaha binasa nila ung poem :D. Sabi dn nila na maganda ang doodles mo!! magreply ako soon :))))


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