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1. what inspired your blog url and title (if any)?
Yeah, She is from Tumblr and her tumblr url is -
2. what is your favorite quote and why?
That is , "Being a winner doesn't mean never falling, but rising every time he/she falls.
3. what is your favorite and worst subject in school?
My WORST subject in school is CHEMISTRY. And I still don't know why I took BS Food technology, which is all about chemistry. And my FAVORITE subject is ENGLISH. Oh, I love to read stories and writing some articles! I miss my English classes!
4. what is your favorite snack and beverage to go with it?
Seriously, I eat anything LOL. But my favorite snack EVER is PEANUTS! Oh my, I'd travel the world and taste their finest peanuts. HAHA. Beverage? I think, it'll be juice of any favor.
5. who your favorite anime and cartoon character of all time?
INUYASHA! and my FAVORITE cartoon character of all time is Mr. Bean
6. describe your dream guy, be it fictional or breathing.
My dream guy? Hmm, let me see, I admire those guys who can sing and can play musical instruments. Since, I, myself, is a secret musician, in spite of the very harsh voice. Then, I want a guy who's very sweet and gentleman. >.<
7. describe dream date and how would it end?
Maybe, dancing with him at the seashore and with matching fire works. OH MY.
8. what is your favorite music video and/or song?
Many actually. I cant enumerate them. Song? I love old songs and OPM.
9. what is%2Fwas your favorite short story?
That would be, "THE LITTLE PRINCE" by antoine van leeuwenhoek. 
10. what are your favorite online shops?
No, I dont buy online
11. what is your favorite jim carrey movie? lol
Not of him.

And I tag Lionel, Adrille, KarlSteffanieMiki

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