Exams are finish. But first semester is not yet over. We still have to pass some projects such as scrap book for our NSTP and our OI paper for our Chem16 Lab. Anyway, I slept at 3 am yesterday and my father woke me up at 5:00 so that I can study again. My head aches. Oh, that was my first time to be awake in the dawn and STUDYING CHEMISTRY! Chemistry is my worst subject ever! And I didn't know why the hell I took food technology. Anyway as you see I am really trying and doing my very best. I study bulks of books just to make sure I understand each and every detail of our topic but everything seems to be useless. I still get disappointing grades. Worst, most of them didn't pass. My classmate just told us a while ago that three in our section failed Bio. And we are just 7 in Bio. And I'm just afraid that I may be one of them. I don't want to retake that subject anymore. I dont want to suffer a semester again with Biology! What's wrong? I studied but it's worthless!

Biology is just one of my problems, here Chem16 goes. This may be the reason why I'm failing and hesitating. Hesitating to take its prerequisite. Prerequisite refers to a subject in which you have to pass a subject so that you can take the next subject. For example, in my case, I have to pass Chem16 so that I can take Chem17. Worst, I have to pass both laboratory and lecture. Even though percentage from the lecture is higher, still I can't take up Chem 17 unless I pass both. And that is my BIG problem. I passed laboratory, I don't think so with Lecture. How am I going to over come this? I just hate it because no matter I studied very hard, I still failed the exams. I don't know what's the right thing to do. I just feel very very hopeless and very depressed and frustrated. I spend my whole weekend studying Chem16 instead of going to Samal for a Family reunion. I sacrificed my family reunion just for Chem but still, I failed it!

Anyway, I have this motto that I would like to share to those students who were like me,studying but still gets lows scores. No matter how hard the journey is, no matter how far the goal is, we have to keep going. We should not be very affected with our grades. After all, they are just.... grades. That's all.

Surviving college is not the same with high school, where you can just depend to your classmates for assignments and quizzes. College life is different especially when you are studying in a state university. Though our passing mark is 60%, it's still very hard to get that kind of grade. What I mean is that you have to suffer sleepless nights just to get a grade of 60. And to tell you, you'd be really be very thankful if you got one. My friends who studied at private schools told me why the hell my grades are very low? Compare to them, they got 80's and 90's. That very far from our normal grades. Where in the world would a school recognize a grade of 45% ? This is really stupid but this is how the story goes.

Anyway, whatever happens, Life goes on.


  1. good luck on your exam! :) i consider college as the hardest part of everything. but fun. :) you can do it!

  2. TAMA KA LYS!!! :) the most important part in Education is how well did you learned things even if it's so difficult.. Kaya mo yan! I'll pray about this. God will help you to PASS CHEM EXAMS next time :)


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